All donations go to upgrades and upkeep
       of our main server,  THANK YOU!

Thirsty Raccoon Gaming

7 Days to die



We use the farming mod on our server

All other settings are visable from the logon screen so no need to list them here.
5x on Harvest, 10x EXP, 15xTaming and Breeding

Decay timers for structures are set at 2x and the server will auto demo any structure that goes to demo status.

Decay timers for dinos are set at 2x which is 16 real days.  After which if a dino goes to claimable status the server will auto delete it.

Our current list of mods is,  S+, Classic flyers, Ultra stacks, Eco's garden decor, SelVision,ARK Additions: The Collection! , Platforms plus, and Dino tracker
Our RUST server is basic vanilla, the only mod used is gather manager to set gathering at 2x (server side mod no need for client to download)

Upkeep and decay timers are set to 1/3 speed.

Our map is 3k in size and wipes monthly.

BP's wipe bi-monthly
Link for 7 days farming mod
Farming Mod